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Simply put, we offer senior-level thinking, by experienced senior-level executive talent. Period. We won’t hand you off to a junior account person or entry-level copywriter, because we don’t have any. You’re a senior-level professional and deserve the same.

Tad Grow – Brand Management, Marketing Communications Bio

Bob Horuff – Senior Marketing Consultant Bio

Diana Brannon Parker – Media Director Bio

Richard Hicks Jr. – Creative Director Bio

Tad Grow – Brand Management,
Marketing Communications

Tad brings more than twenty-five years of diverse marketing and brand-management experience to your team. He’s controlled multi-million dollar advertising budgets, and he knows how to maximize every penny. He knows promotions, advertising and events marketing from both the agency and client perspectives. With a unique combination of passion and expertise, he’s vaulted market share for such brands as Texaco, Shell, Havoline, Citibank and Igloo.

Bob Horuff – Senior Marketing

Bob has more than 30 years of marketing, marketing communications, and marketing research experience. He has a deep understanding of, and appreciation for the entire marketing process. His experience includes positions on both the client and the supplier sides of the business, in both large corporate and small business environments. Some senior leadership positions held include VP of Marketing of BabyPlays.com, CMO at UMR Associates LLC, Director Global Marketing Services at Texaco, Inc, and Manager of Marketing Research at Equiva, Inc.

Diana Brannon Parker
Media Director

Diana is one of the leading professionals in the state. She has long-term experience in planning and execution of media for all types of clients including national consumer accounts, local retail, and B2B. She is actively involved with public service and the securing of public service time and space as well as added value in the form of bonus, no-charge commercials.

Diana is proficient in all media, from television, radio, print and outdoor to online; but she is also an advocate of non-traditional media ideas and the ability to create innovative plans for individual clients. One of Diana’s greatest assets is her ability to devise integrated media involving multiple media components, partnerships, promotions and events.

Richard Hicks Jr. – Creative Director

Richard sees through the mundane to create outstanding advertising and design that is always on the cutting edge of creativity. He’s compiled an impressive range of work for print and broadcast. Work that’s not merely award-winning, but attention-getting, thanks to his retail sales, and promotional expertise. His unique style has also brought marketing to life in the fields of business-to-business and financial advertising.